The iPad Does Not Turn On, What Can I Do?


The iPad is one of those devices that has great popularity. Its continuous evolution has made this device a tablet with its own character, from the simplicity of the iPad 2018 to the renewed and more pretentious than the iPad Pro offers. For this reason, the iPad is very fashionable.


However, sometimes it happens to us and the iPad may not start. Before turning on the alarm lights, it is better that we make a series of checks to rule out major faults. We will see in this article all the options that we can apply before sending it to the SAT. Probably, and if there is no physical damage to the battery, have a simple solution. Join us to find out more?

Possible Solutions For An iPad That Does Not Turn On

Check The Load
It may be 0 battery, which is very usual if we have not connected for a while. The solution is very simple, put it to load. If after a while you check that it does not charge, try to put it to the current with another cable and charger, since sometimes and if we do not use the originals, they can be of low quality. There will also be a warning on the screen that your accessory is not certified or is not compatible. If you want to know what the MFi certification consists of, you only have to click here.

It may seem obvious, but you may be connecting your iPad to a power strip with a switch and it is off , or that the power outlet on the wall does not work. You have to go check it with another electrical device.

Clean The Connector
That is the place where the cable is inserted. It accumulates a lot of dirt and dust and can make the contact is not appropriate. We always recommend that the cleaning be done with a wooden stick to remove possible debris.

Force Restart
It is very typical of those iPads that have the battery is not very good condition. You must make the following combination of keys depending on your iPad model.

If your iPad is any other than an iPad Pro, just hold the start button and the top or side button for 10 seconds until you see the Apple Apple logo.

If you have an iPad Pro press and quickly release the volume up button. Press and quickly release the button to lower the volume. Keep the power button pressed until the device reboots.

Start It In DFU Mode
Start your iPhone or iPad in DFU Mode. With this system, the device will start thanks to a computer, so try one with the latest version of iTunes and test.

If Everything Fails

It is clear that there is a more serious problem that we can not fix by ourselves. The best thing is that you contact the SAT of Apple, the attention is always exquisite and will put in place the necessary mechanisms so that the incidence is stirred soon. We made an article recently in which we saw all the ways to contact the SAT. Remember that to send an iPad to the SAT you do not have to include any accessories, no cables or chargers or anything, only the tablet itself.

The bonus track, some useful tips more

As we do not want to finish the article here, we have thought about giving you some tricks that work very well with our iPad, so take note:

  • After getting it started, it is best not to use your iPad for a while and leave it at least half an hour charging. If you use it, the battery would take a lot longer to fill up.
  • Always use the correct charger, the 12 watt that comes with the iPad and not the iPhone 5.
    You will load it faster if you avoid doing it in a USB port of a computer, it does not give all the power that is needed.
  • Put it to load in Airplane Mode and you will save a lot of time. No, it’s not a myth. The Airplane Mode gets the device’s antennas to be deactivated, the iPad will not search for Wi-Fi networks, the location or
  • Bluetooth will not be activated, so it will spend less energy searching for antennas.

We hope you never find yourself with this type of inconvenience, worse if they appear and you know how you have to face them. Good luck.

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