Free Space On Your Android Phone or iPhone Using Google Photos

Free Space With Google Photos On Android

Your smartphone may have 64, 128 or 512 GB, it does not matter. Even if you’re going to get the new Galaxy S10 + 1TB of space, it does not matter, in the end, sooner or later you’ll have to clean up to free up space. To be doing daily maintenance and not wait until the last mega, we have tools like Google Photos, which offer unlimited cloud storage and we can host our photos and videos as we free up space. Today we are going to tell you how to do it easily on Android and iPhone.

Free Space With Google Photos On Android

Google Photos offers unlimited storage for both Android and iPhone users, allowing you to upload backup copies of photos and videos. Keep in mind that Google makes a slight compression, in its free version, which ensures a minimum loss of quality. So if we want to have our photos and videos with their original quality, we will have to make another type of backup or access the payment options of Google Photos.

Free Space With Google Photos On Android

First, we will have to go to Google Play and install the Google Photos application if we do not have it already downloaded. Then we must log in with our Google account. Once done, we will have to go to the “Backup” section and mark the “synchronization” to start making backup copies from our phone to the Google Cloud.

Once this is done and knowing that every time we make a photo will be stored in Google Photos, we can go to the option “Free space” from the side menu, to remove all photos of the device, which will still be present in Google Photos.

For iPhone

Being an application of even operation in both operating systems, the method to free space on the iPhone is similar to that explained with Android. It is important that we first synchronize the App with our Google account before deleting any photos. Once this is done, the App will be responsible for uploading the photos automatically and we can free space through the same system whenever we need it.

Copy To More Sites

Even if we make these backups, it is advisable, as an additional security measure, that we have a second backup copy in some other type of storage device, either physical or from another service in the cloud. Delegate all our trust and our memories to a single service, no matter how “Google” is, is not advisable in any way.

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