What Is Chrome’s Software Reporter Tool & How to Disable it

Software Reporter Tool

As most of you already know, one of the most common complaints that users of the most widely used Internet browser in the world. Chrome has a high consumption of system resources, as a rule, something that is tried to be solved by all means.

Well, when we use this software from Google in Windows and we take a look at the processes that are executed. sometimes it is possible that we find one called “Software Reporter Tool” that is part of the web browser itself. For those who do not know, this is an executable file called “software_reporter_tool.exe“, which refers to a tool that Google distributes with your browser and that is part of the “cleanup” function of the program itself.

Software Reporter Tool

Actually, it is a utility that is integrated with this search engine software. It is responsible for removing programs that cause problems to Chrome itself such as the dreaded locks, new home pages, unwanted ads, etc. In short, it eliminates anything that interferes with users’ browsing experience.

So, Software Reporter Tool scans the local disk drive of the PC and reports this to Google. It uses the results of the analysis to determine if it should request the user to remove any specific unwanted program that could affect the experience. Chrome navigation Of course, although sometimes it helps the browser to work in a more appropriate way. It avoids problems such as unexpected closures or blockages of the same, we must also bear in mind that when it is running, it can cause a high load of work to the CPU the team.

How To Remove Chrome Software Reporter Tool

In fact, it is estimated, based on some user reports, that these increases are around 30% more CPU usage while running, which usually lasts up to 20 minutes, which may affect other activities that we carry out on the PC. In addition, the tool informs Google about the results of the analysis, something that some users may find problematic because it affects the privacy of each one.

software reporter tool disk usage

Of course, a member of the Google community work team mentioned that this is an application that only scans the folders related to the browser itself, nothing more. With everything and with it, we always have the possibility to finish the process or to eliminate the same software, which is usually found in the following route:

C:\Usuarios\NOMBRE DE USUARIO\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\SwReporter\ VERSION\software_reporter_tool.exe”

Of course, we keep in mind that if we remove the executable of Software Reporter Tool, this will reappear when Chrome receives an update, so we must be vigilant again.

Hence you have learned all about software reporter tool and how to disable it. Make sure to follow the steps and get out of the issue.

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