T-Mobile announces new “Test Drive” program, will let you borrow iPhone 5s for a week – free

T-Mobile has announced a new program, and it’s pretty jaw dropping. “You can have a 7-night stand. You cheat on your carrier, and it’s free,” T-Mobile CEO John Legere told reporters before he took to the stage at the Uncarrier 5 event in Seattle. T-Mobile uses its Uncarrier events to announce new services that help T-Mobile compete in the wireless market.

Tonight, Legere announced that the company will be launching a new “Test Drive” program that provides potential customers an iPhone 5s for seven days, completely free of charge. One of the biggest complaints T-Mobile customers issue is the lack of service coverage. With Test Drive, customers will be able to test their home, work, school, and travel areas for coverage, risk free.

T-Mobile says there’s no down payment. They’ll record your credit card information and put a $700 hold on your card just in case you never return the phone, and you’ll be on your way out the door.

The program will start on June 23rd. T-Mobile says it’s been given a plethora of iPhones for people to use. Check out the Test Drive page here.