T-Mobile announces Music Freedom, free music streaming from top services

“40% of people say that they limit their streaming on their mobile devices,” John Legere said on stage, “because they’re worried about data overages.”

After announcing that T-Mobile will allow you to test its network with an iPhone 5s free of charge, CEO John Legere quickly moved into the next phase of Uncarrier, announcing Music Freedom. According to Legere, music streamed from the top music streaming services will no longer count against your data caps. Pandora, Rhapsody, iHeart Radio, Milk Music from Samsung, Beartport, iTunes Radio, Slacker and Spotify, and any further added services will no longer cause customers to eat up massive chunks of data.

For customers who already have unlimited data, the company says it’s launching its very own streaming service, Rhapsody unRadio. Customers on T-Mobile unlimited plans will be able to take advantage of unRadio for free, while other customers will be able to pay $4/mo to access the service, which T-Mobile says will stream over 20 million songs.

T-Mobile says it’s going to take to Twitter to hear suggestions for some more services to support.