Falcon: The Twitter Client Android Has Desperately Needed

When I’m not toying around on Twitter using TweetBot on my iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it’s usually because I’m using or reviewing an Android phone. Up until today, the search for a truly great Twitter experience on Android was a long fought battle that has seen me burn through several dollars, Google Play Store credits, and countless hours of my app/device reviewing life. That changed today when Falcon Pro launched. I’ve known about Falcon for a while now, but the application has been in beta and I never had the urge to beta test yet another buggy Twitter app for Android. Boy, was I mistaken. Had I known what a treat Falcon is to use, I would have subjected myself to another beta tests and deleted the rest of the junk off of my devices.

Let us first start this brief review by putting features aside for a second and mentioning how outstandingly gorgeous the UI of this application is. We’re not huge fans of dark applications and hope Falcon’s developers add a light theme later on in development, but the whole UI feels svelte, fluid, and fresh. It really takes advantage of Android devices’ processing power and adds a new “swiping” feature to the Android design scheme. Some apps have started to do this, but Falcon does it better than all of the rest, in our opinion. Swiping right from the main column brings you to a menu that shows how many people you’re following and how many people are following you; you can also interact with those numbers and click them to see just exactly who you’re following and who actually cares about what you’re saying. You can also change columns from here and jump directly into your main feed, mentions, DMs, favorite tweets, the search option, and the settings menu. You’re also able to interact with your own profile from this menu. Swiping left brings a menu that shows you your account’s lists, worldwide trends, and trends that are accurate to your current location. The main column does just as you’d expect it to do – it displays your tweets, mentions, or DMs.

One of our favorite Falcon features is the ability to interact with tweets directly from the notification shade. You’ll need a device running Android 4.1 or later to use this feature, but most devices these days are running that version of the operating system. You’re able to reply or retweet to a mention directly from the notification shade.

After diving into the settings menu, we can really see that this application is definitely in its infancy. There are menus to change themes and colors, but the options within those menus don’t exist. Some real time notification options are set to only work on WiFi and there aren’t any options to remove that limitation. We’d hope the developer will remove that limitation, because that should be user’s choice, but there may be an underlying issue that we’re just not aware of yet, so we can’t fault the developers fully. The rest of the settings are as you’d expect, as well. Refresh rate, WiFi-only syncing options, notification sound customization, the ability to use an internal browser or launch to your default Android browser, and there’s also TweetMarker support if you use tons of different Twitter apps over different devices. We’re a bit put off that there’s no option to change picture and video uploading services or link shortening services, but we’re sure they’re in the works. Notifications worked seemingly well in the little time that we’ve had to try them.

We also wish there was an ability to disable the right hand menu with trends and lists and enable a feature to swipe through our tweets, mentions, and DM columns. There’s also no support for multiple accounts, but most normal people only have one Twitter account. Still, it’s something we’d like to see in future versions of the app.

In our early testing, we weren’t able to test the application on any tablets, but the application looks phenomenal in the screenshots the developer provides in the Google Play Store.

All in all, for a version 1.0, this application is fantastic and already works better than virtually all of its Android competition. For $1.03USD in the Google Play Store, we can’t even recommend that you hesitate on purchasing this app. If a good Twitter experience is something you’re looking for, look no further. We just found it for you.

  • Dar

    best twitter app available been with it since V 0.1 beta and will continue to support from here on in for people in the UK its 69p you can’t go wrong for that price

    • thanks for your response. :]

  • “You’ll need a device running Android 4.1 or later to use this feature, but most devices these days are running that version of the operating system”

    Except for, you know, like 75% of them.